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Mee Mee Baby Cradle With Mosquito Net – Blue White

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Mee Mee’s premium quality cradles are cute and comfortable beds for your little one to nap comfortably in the initial growing years.




Key Features:

  • Strong Structure : It is a Sturdy and durable baby cradle
  • Wheels – They help in easy movement of the cradle
  • Dual Mosquito net: The net protects the baby from mosquitoes and other insects


Brand – Mee Mee

Type – Baby cradle

Age – 0 to 12 Months

Body Specifications:

Material – Metal

Swing Feature – Yes

Wheels – Yes (4 Wheels)

Mosquito net – Yes

Canopy – Yes

Technical specifications:

Box Dimensions – L 94.5 x B 12 x H 55 cm

Product Dimensions – L 100 x B 51.5 x H 94.5 cm

Cradle Dimensions – L 76 x B 42.5 x H 27.5 cm

Bed Dimensions – L 73.5 x B 40.5 cm

Front & Back Wheel Diameter- 4 cm

Wheel Lock- 4 cm

Carrying Capacity – 15 kg

Product Net Weight – 5 kg

Gross weight – 7 Kg

Product description:

A cradle is perfect for newborns till child can push up on hands and knees. This baby cradle is made of sturdy material that is safe, durable and adds to the beauty of your nursery. It helps to gently rock your baby to sound sleep with the swing feature. It also features a mosquito net to protect the baby from mosquitoes and insects and help the have a sound and undisturbed sleep

Items included in the package:

1 cradle with mosquito net

Country of Origin: China

Additional information

Weight 7100 g
Dimensions 94.5 × 12 × 55 cm

Country of Origin


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